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Kenwood KMR 330 Review

The Kenwood KMR 330 Marine Stereo is a lot of different things all rolled into one, including being a CD player and is also satellite ready and HD ready.

Kenwood KMR330 marineThis is one CD player you could use for your car or your boat and it has something which is particularly useful and that’s a front auxiliary input for easy plug-in convenience, although it is just one input so you can only plug one device in at a time unless you buy a splitter which can cost around $50.

One feature you will really like is that this receiver is satellite ready whenever you are and the stereo itself was designed with a modern but classy look in mind and even though it might not be a specialist marine stereo it will complement either your boat or your vehicle, or perhaps both.

What Do You Get When You Purchase The Kenwood KMR 330?

Whether you are playing your favorite music CD on your boat or in your car on your way to work, you will arrive at your destination in a good mood.

If you are taking friends out on your boat for fishing and fun; the Kenwood KMR 330 Marine stereo CD receiver will deliver extreme satisfaction.

Listening to your discs stacked with MP3, WMA and other music will be smooth and easy enjoyment. The built-in amplifier, MOSFET, runs on 22 watts RMS/50 peak  x  4 channels for your listening preference, whether you want your sounds to be soft and low or on a livelier and louder scale.

For a small machine, the Kenwood KMR 330 Marine stereo packs a powerful sound punch. Either way, this radio might surprise you with its capabilities.

The fact that it is compatible with the iPod adapter, the Bluetooth adapter, satellite radio and HD Radio tuner, makes the KMR 330 a versatile, multi-faceted and enjoyable marine stereo for almost any need or occasion. You can play your very own programmed iPod music and get the music you want to hear.

With its light weight manufacturing and universal measurements, this stereo is ideal in its dimensions. It fits about 1000 different vehicles, which doesn’t even include boats!

The Kenwood KMR 330 Marine stereo comes with a 1-year warranty to give you peace of mind should something go wrong, which is unlikely and would be a rare event.

How Easy Will It Be To Install And Use?

Easy to follow instructions are included with this marine stereo and will help you, step-by-step  to install the KMR 330. You should find it quite straightforward to install the stereo yourself in a very short amount of time. Very often the KMR 330 will be installed as a replacement for another radio and should be extremely easy to attach the existing wires and plugs to your new radio.

As soon as you are finished installing it, you can take your boat out and try it out. Bait your fishing rod and completely enjoy your new sound coming crisp and clear from your built-in loudspeaker. Any boater would be proud to own one of these KMR 330 stereos. The instructions will also inform you of all the features and how to operate them to use your CD receiver to its fullest potential.

Plus Marks
• Great sound
• Easy to install
• Packed with speaker power
• Looks great
• Fits 997 vehicles
• Lightweight
• Reasonably priced
• Can be used with a purchased remote control
• One year warranty

Minus Marks
• Shipping not superfast
• Setting up not difficult but can be a little tricky
• Will need to purchase adaptors to utilize some of the features such as using your ipod with it

Would I Buy The Kenwood KMR-330 Marine stereo?

The KMR 330 Marine stereo is an enjoyable machine that lets you choose your type of music with ease. It is well worth the price, especially since it has a one-year warranty.

It is a stylish, small, powerful and absolutely delightful stereo with a ton of features to rival much more expensive and bigger in size stereos. You will get a sound quality that is clear and crisp whether you listen to rock music, the Blues or Verdi.

As for me, if I had only a $100 to spend the answer is yes I would buy it. If I had more money to play with then probably not.

You may want to read the KMR 300 marine stereo reviews other customers have written to help you with reaching your decision. I am sure you will come to the same conclusion as I have, which is for the price it’s hard to beat the Kenwood KMR 330.

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