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Deciding on what is going to be the best marine stereo for you to buy can often become a difficult decision.

With such a wide variety of choice available and with so many different specs and features it can eventually become somewhat of a headache. By reading the marine stereo reviews on our site, we can hopefully make your final decision just that little bit easier.

What to consider when buying a marine stereo

marine stereo reviewsWhether you have a particular make or model of marine stereo in mind, or you’re starting right from scratch, the following guide should give you a few helpful pointers when shopping for a marine stereo.

    • The price

      If you have a set budget then you will probably find yourself limited to what marine stereo you can afford to buy. This isn’t necessarily so though if you plan to buy a used marine stereo or come across a sale or special offer, but usually setting yourself a top price will help you to narrow down your choices.

    • Where will it be installed?

      Will you be installing the stereo solely on your boat or will you be using it for your car? Wherever you plan on installing it, it’s a good idea to make sure it is going to fit where you’d like it. Also bear in mind how easy or difficult it is going to be to actually install it.

      You may need to think about the connections it has and what else you might need to make sure it fits securely in it’s place.

    • The main features

      Do you know exactly what you want your stereo to be capable of? What kind of sound are you looking for, and will you get it from the marine stereo you’re currently looking at?

      How loud do you want it to go? What audio do you plan on playing? Should it have a graphic equalizer? Do you just want to have it for general radio stations or do you want to be able to play Cds, mp3s, Internet radio, Sirius? Do you want it to be as future proof as possible?

    • What other features does it need?

      You will almost certainly be thinking about this if you’re wanting to connect other devices to your marine stereo such as iPods, phones, mp3 players and suchlike. What connections should the stereo have, and how many of them you will require to suit your needs.

      How easy is it to connect your peripherals to the stereo itself. Many stereos have connections mainly on the backside of the unit, but is this going to be good enough or convenient enough for you?

      What about speakers? I know it seems obvious but think about the number of speakers you may want to have connected and will it be straightforward to connect them all up if you have several.

    • How well protected is it?

      If the stereo is going to be installed on your boat, consider how prone it is going to be to marine conditions. Not all marine stereos are protected equally, so if it’s going to be installed in a place that may be more exposed to harsher marine conditions then the better protected it is the safer it will be from damage.

      Just because a product says it is a marine stereo doesn’t mean that it is waterproof, so if you’re spending a considerable amount of money on a stereo then you will of course want it to last.

    • How’s the Warranty

      Mainly when you’re buying a brand new marine stereo you’re going to be expecting a decent warranty. Check out exactly what the warranty covers and whether or not you’re happy with it.

    • Marine stereo reviews

      Finding marine stereo reviews online isn’t hard to do, and they can certainly help us out a lot.

      Once you have an idea of what you’re after then search online for any customer reviews on each marine stereo you like. Although people have different tastes and ideas of what may be good or bad, generally marine stereo reviews left by real owners and users give us a very good idea of how they perform.

      Although it isn’t always a fail proof method of finding the best marine stereo out there it can be the next best thing to giving you a real idea of what to expect other than actually owning and using one yourself.


There will always be other factors that one might like to consider before rushing out and buying a brand spanking new marine stereo, but hopefully this short buyers guide has covered the main points.

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